Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Booty LYFT come with a warranty?

  • The steel frame has a 2-year warranty that can handle up to 180LBS of resistance creating a challenging exercise for most! USE ONLY AS INTENDED. DO NOT USE MORE THAN 6 RESISTANCE BANDS ON THE SAME LOOP AT THE SAME TIME!
  • The Booty LYFT comes with 6 resistance bands with a solid and large clip. The bands do not come with a warranty. Treat the bands well and they’ll last you a long time but eventually will wear out. At the first sign of any damage to a band STOP using it immediately and replace it with a new, undamaged band. They can be sold separately.

The EPDM handles have a 5-year warranty. If they wear out after that, they can be sold separately.

Is the Booty LYFT only for the glutes?

No, the Booty LYFT is a total body work out. See the list of exercise you can perform using the Booty LYFT

How frequently do I need to use the Booty LYFT?

I recommend using it based on your body needs, however, if you exercise your glutes for example, I would not recommend doing so more than 3 times a week. Rest is very important to see results. I suggest alternating, if you do glutes one day, the next day can be for upper body.

Will the Booty LYFT make my butt bigger?

It depends how you use it.

  • If you want to keep your size and only tone and lift, you would reduce the number of resistance bands and increase the reps.
  • If you want your butt to get bigger, you would increase the resistance bands on each exercise.

Why bands VS. weights?

Bands are easier on the joints than weights. In addition, unlike weights, as the muscle travel farther in each movement, the intensity of the exercise increases giving you faster results for the same amount of time spend on each exercise.

When I do Hip Thrusts, my triceps burn, am I doing something wrong?

No! this is the beauty of the Booty LYFT! Most people experience sagging in the triceps even at a young age resulting in flabby arms. The Booty LYFT works your glutes and your triceps when performing Hip Thrust maximizing your results.

Why is it called the Booty LYFT?

Although the Booty LYFT can give you a total body workout, there are many exercise utilizing the Booty LYFT that are extremely targeted and focused to isolate your glutes and give you a round and strong glutes.

There are many other products on the market, what makes the Booty LYFT different?

  • Versatility, unlike other one trick pony tools on the market, the Booty LYFT can give numerous combination of exercises that have a targeted focus on your glutes as well as your whole body.
  • The Booty LYFT is easier on the joints than traditional weight.
  • The Booty LYFT engages your core at most exercises and each exercise more than one body part, so you get 2 for 1 every time you use it saving you time on your workout.
  • The handles allow for comfort which results in proper form while using the Booty LYFT, and alleviate any wrist pain or discomfort.
  • No assembly needed.
  • Easily stored
  • You can add up to 6 resistance bands for each exercise as you improve and tone, providing a continuous challenge.
  • The distance traveled by the muscle in each exercise utilizing the Booty LYFT is maximized, giving you results in less time.

Aren’t squats the best exercise for glutes?

Squats are great; however, they engage the quad muscle more, resulting in bigger legs and minor results for the glutes. In addition, to see results with squats, one must use heavy weights which is hard on the knees and can cause injuries. Hip thrusts and Donkey kicks isolate the glutes giving you faster visible results with no joint pressure or pain.

Why is the glute muscle important to begin with?

  • Performance, if you want to sprint, skate faster, or jump higher and balance better, you need strong glutes.
  • Stability, strong glutes provide core and hip stability resulting in less back pain.
  • Duh! The glutes look better when they’re strong, nobody likes a deflated butt!

Is the Booty LYFT for females only?

No, the Booty LYFT provides a challenging for men and Woman thanks to the steel frame that allows for using 6 resistance bands for a total of 150 LBS of resistance.

If I don’t like it, can I return it?

Absolutely, try it for 30 days, and if you don’t like it, you can return it (cost for return shipping is not paid for by Booty LYFT). See our Return Policy.

Can the Booty LYFT burn calories?

Definitely, the Booty LYFT exercises utilize many muscles in the body at once engaging your core as well. You will sweat!