The BOOTY LYFT™ is a total body work out tool that can be used at home. Versatile, Compact, Scalable, and easy to use and store. No impact on your joints, no knee or wrist pain, no gym membership needed, no bulky weights! Do it all at the comfort and convenience of your own home. Physical exercise is a must for the muscle to tone which reflects your physical fitness level. Start building the muscles you want to focus on based on your body type and your fitness goals with BOOTY LYFT.


Watch our TV Commercial

WFAA Channel 8 in Dallas, hosts Booty Lyft! Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, the Booty Lyft offers endless combination of exercises that will give you the challenge you need! Kneeling exercises are excellent for targeted focus and for beginners, while standing exercises require balance and therefore are more advanced.

When life is crazy busy, you need a convenient way to exercise

You can never start too young if you want a healthy body for life

Having kids takes a toll on a woman’s body, but not Nicole after 4 kids!

Endless combination of exercises, work out your hamstrings, quads, glutes, arms, shoulders, back and get awesome abs!

Why be locked in gym when you can take your exercise anywhere and enjoy the day! Beach, Park, or your Backyard!

You think you’re a tough guy and the Booty LYFT is not for you? Think again! Watch Micah getting a sweat on from the first set using the Booty LYFT!

Whether you’re a beginner or a gym rat, the Booty LYFT has so many variations between kneeling and standing exercises to meet your fitness level and challenge you!

Who needs bulky weights and large exercise equipment when you can get better results with a fraction of the price!

Get your body in the best shape of your life! Convenience, challenge, and an endless combination of exercises to help you achieve your fitness goals!

Knee pain or injury preventing you from exercising? Not anymore, the Booty LYFT system allows you to do numerous exercises without knee or joint impact.

If you want to see fast results, you must use resistance! it will cut your workout time in half, it will also give your muscles the needed challenge to be defined and grow!


The key to good results is form! Before you move on to the next level, make sure you get your form right to activate the muscle you’re targeting!